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Instantly make random routes for walking, running or cycling starting and ending at your location.


Save your routes and easily access them at anytime


Export your routes to Google Maps, Komoot, Here WeGo, KML, GPX or by email to yourself


Setup random routes to be emailed automatically to you at specific times



I'm a year-round high school runner, and I built Routeshuffle after I was spending too much time planning where I was going to run. Now this is a thing of the past.


💾 Save routes to your account for easy access

📬 Open routes in Google Maps, Komoot or Here WeGo (read more about how this is still experimental)

📁 Download routes as GPX & KML files

🕣 Schedule email reminders to use a route

🎲 Setup Infinity to get new random routes automatically sent to you at specific times

💯 No limits to the number of routes you can make

🌱 Support an awesome site & young maker

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💬 Why should I pay for this?

Routeshuffle is an amazing tool that lets you skip the hassle of looking at a map and picking a route for yourself. Instead, in just one click, you can get a complete route and get out the door quickly. Minimal planning, maximum fitness. The money I get will go towards server costs, and will validate the idea so I can spend more time developing more features, so your payment is put to good use!

💬 Can I open routes in Strava?

Not directly with Routeshuffle because Strava's API does not support this feature, but you can download the GPX file and upload it to this page.

💬 Does it work worldwide?

I use OpenStreetMap crowd-sourced data. You probably won't have to worry, but you can view the OSM map and make sure your location has accurate data.

💬 Can I cancel when I want?

Yes, cancel at anytime. Just go to the Settings page and you will find instructions on how to cancel.

💬 I have a different question.

I can help! Just click the chat button on the lower right of your screen, and I'll answer as soon as I can!


First off, let me just say thank you for being interested in Routeshuffle! It took me awhile to make it, and as it is my first project of this scale, there were a lot of long nights and Stack Overflow searches to make this thing a reality. If at anytime you have any questions, feature requests or anything else, feel free to contact me and I'll get right back to you! I use Routeshuffle all the time and want it to be perfect.

Thanks Mom for the picture.

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The problem: When opening routes into Google Maps, Komoot or Here WeGo, Routeshuffle is limited to the number of points that it can pass to the mapping apps. For example, if your route in New York City has 235 coordinates along the path, only about 15 can be passed to either of the 3 apps. It's important to know that not every point will be transferred and in some cases the route won't look 100% the same.

The solution: For 100% of points to be transferred, downloading the GPX or KML files and uploading them to services like Strava or Komoot's GPX upload will work.

Also should be noted that Google Maps is not the best with multi-point routes. During navigation, it will constantly say "you've arrived" and requires you to tap "continue". I included it more for convenience, but you should check out the other export options as well.